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Frequently Asked Questions


  • How much do we need to raise?
    $4 million
  • Why does the school believe a comprehensive campaign is required?
    With insurance paying for our new site, the Catholic Diocese of Christchurch is fronting with most of the money to build our new Campus. The new Campus is $50 million. The College and its community should play its part and the campaign for $4 million is one of the ways we can do this. We are working with the Diocese to provide for the future education of our girls – the women who will help build the future of Christchurch, Canterbury and Aotearoa New Zealand.
  • There are a lot of projects - are we expected to give to all?
    No - the campaign assumes that people will be asked to support just one project in a way that is appropriate for them. Some people may want to support more than one project, but that is not the general expectation.
  • Are all the projects going to be put forward at the same time?
    Yes, the initial aim of this campaign is to raise $4 million towards the six projects outlined above. You can choose which one to support. Also, the Whare is a project that you can choose to support, though it can’t be built until we have raised all the funding required.
  • Are all gifts tax deductible?
    Yes. All gifts to the projects are tax deductible.
  • Do each of these projects really matter to the future of the school?
    Yes - and the College will be contributing funds towards each of the projects for which funds are raised. The percentage will vary but the commitment is real in each case. The campaign is about partnership between the school and those who want to support it philanthropically.
  • Who should I contact about the campaign?
    Please contact the Marian Campaign Team at
  • How Can I Contribute?
    There are a number of ways to support Our New Home - the Campaign for Marian College Online with a Credit Card Pledge an amount over time (see below) Bank Transfer: Catholic Diocese of Christchurch - Bank Account: 03 0802 0948733 (0)22 Particulars: Your Surname and Initials Code: M followed by the first ten letters of project e.g. M Chapel Reference: Your Phone Number Gifts to Our New Home - The Campaign for Marian College are receipted by The Catholic Diocese of Christchurch Diocesan Trust, which is registered with the Charities Commission (CC33341). The $4M campaign income is part of the overall new Campus expenditure. As the Bishop is the proprietor (owner) of the school and is funding the new campus, donations are deposited with the Diocese.
  • Can I give my gift over a period of time?
    If you wish to make a pledge of a specific amount over a period of time please download and complete the Pledge Form (link at the bottom of the page) and email it to, or post it to: Freepost Authority Number 91749 Fundraising PO Box 4544, Christchurch Mail Centre Christchurch 8140.
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