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The Art, Textiles & Technology Block

“This area of the school is exciting and a chance for our students to explore and develop their creative abilities, for a world which needs beauty in art and design, and is also far more aware of the issues of sustainability and the use of technology. I look forward to seeing the joy our students will find in art, textiles and technology, and the opportunities they will have to use their imagination and talents.”


The Art, Textiles and Technology block is an important part of the College and will enable students to fully explore design, textiles, digital technology and visual arts. Classrooms will include flexible workspaces that are well resourced for the range of activities in these learning areas. Rooms will be functional for all classroom sizes, depending on what space is required. The Visual Art space at Marian College will be a place that embraces creativity, and gives students the opportunity to explore their passions and express their creative talents.

“Art is a super important part of both home and school aspects of my life. Going into the art block lifts a weight off my shoulders and I feel completely relaxed and enabled to use my creative freedom to produce art that I love. This new facility will be super beneficial to the community as they too will see the great talent Marian girls have”.


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